LED Wall Light

Outdoor Waterproof Wall Sconce Manufacturer.

Waterproof Rating: IP54&IP65 

Main materials: Aluminum/stainless steel

Service: Customized packaging / branded micro-labeling / laser engraving service

Start-up brand support: No MOQ limit and free samples

Warranty: Maximum 5 years warranty


LED Stair & Step Light

Outdoor LED Stair & Step Light fixtures Manufacturer.

We can customize your outdoor/indoor waterproof step/stair LED lighting in small batches, as well as produce and manufacture your outdoor lighting products quickly through our factory.

LED In-Ground Light

Outdoor Garden and Landscape Lighting China Manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.

  • We are a specialist manufacturer of exterior Garden waterproof recessed lighting.
  • Offer You up to 5-Years warranty, manufacturing and wholesale of recessed outdoor lighting with waterproof rating up to IP65-IP68 level.
  • Whether You are a Buyer of garden or architectural lighting, you can easily source High-quality exterior ground lighting fixtures from CIKI LED.

LED Garden Spike Light

Garden and Landscape Lighting Manufacturer.

CIKI has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing garden spike lights. We provide you with reliable and high quality garden lighting products. The warranty period is up to 5 years.

Outdoor Deck Spotlights

Recessed Mini Waterproof Spotlight.

We offer you a stainless steel deck spotlight with IP67 waterproof rating, and up to 5 years warranty.

LED Bollard Light

Garden LED Bollard Light Manufacturer.

We manufacture and produce different kinds of outdoor garden lighting for you, customizing your outdoor garden bollard lights in different materials including aluminum and stainless steel.
Offering up to 5 years warranty.


Unterwater Light

Underwater & Fountain lights manufacturer.

Provide you with highly reliable underwater/fountain/pool lighting fixtures with 5-year warranty.

Outdoor Garden and Landscaoe Light manufacturer

Contact CIKI LED China factory, We offer you the Best Garden Lights, Ground Recessed Lighting fixtures, Stair & Step Light, Wall Lamp, Bollard Light at Wholesale Prices.

  1. 10 years more experience in the production of landscape lights.
  2. 100 more engineering projects participated.
  3. 20 more brand wholesale customers served.
  4. The manager will participate in each customer’s project order,
    and match a sales and an engineer to follow up.

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