Catalog 2023

Outdoor LED Garden lighting fixture catalog

At CIKILED, we understand the importance of outdoor lighting that looks great and performs even better. That’s why our Garden & Landscape Lights is the perfect choice for engineering, wholesale, and brand customization clients who demand the best.

Version:2023-V1.01  | Update: May 15th, 2023
cikiled 2023 garden light catalog

Catalog 2022 (old)

Outdoor LED Garden and Landscape Lighting

2022 Latest Catalog, new Garden spotlight kit and Garden in-ground light kit, Garden post light.

Including low-voltage power supply (plug-and-play) DC12V/DC24V optional.

Note: The version you see may not be the latest version, if you need the latest picture book, please contact me.

Version2022-V1.01  | Update: February 14, 2022
Main Product

Recessed Ground Light, Recessed Pathway Light, Wall Washer Light, Garden Spike Light, Outdoor Recessed Spotlight. Etc.

Added: Wall Light (+33P), Stair Light (+17P)

Product Application

User exterior lighting: City Building, Road Lighting, Outdoor Park, School & College, Public Places, etc.

Ideal for garden and landscape lighting: pathways, flowers and plants, trees, decks, steps, wash walls, and other areas where up or down lighting is needed outdoors.

ClientsCorporate buyers, wholesalers, dealers, brand owners, architects, landscape architects, etc.
garden light catalog