With quality being our priority, and we offer a competitive pricing solution with three different levels to match product positioning in different sales markets.


We are committed to offer high quality and efficient services to all our clients, for example 3-7 days for sampling service, 10-30 days for production. And we are willing to offer customization service to all brands regardless the value of your order.


At CIKI, we have spent years developing relationships with industry’s best main material for led landscape suppliers. So far, we’ve covered three led raw material manufacturing sites for plastic injection molds, die cast molds, stamping molds under joint venture.


Not only our team come with rich amount of experience in the industry, but also consists all functions across the company including: Sales, Technical engineers, Designers, QE, QA, Supply chain and so on.

Our Services

Professional of sales

  • Professional explanation of our company and products.
  • Offer detailed quotation within 24 hours.
  • Offer the samples within 3-7 days.

Working with us is easy

  • Help you achieve all the work of OEM/ODM/OBM in China.
  • To help you control all product quality links.

Efficient is our way of working

  • Help you design packaging and check documents,
    complete logistics and transportation work.

10 years production experience

  • 10 years of production experience to help you quickly match the purchased products.

Seeing is believing

  • Help you video tour our factory, accept third-party inspection.
  • Use video to help you check our production process.
  • Call to confirm the order contract and provide the production plan.

We are a team

  • Help you compare the products of multiple suppliers in China and make analysis reports.

Service Process


We offer tailor made quotation service
Full price break-down with supported product parts images.


Include authentic certificates, testing report, product parameter data.

We offer customization service for brand’s package design and product optimization.

Order placement

Upon your request, within 24 hours we will provide you with a detailed production plan.

Order confirmation via email or telephone.


We offer pre-production sample for confirmation before initiating actual production.

We update you on production progress with live images.

All products will go through 4-hour LED aging / life test.


With the finish of production, we can either undertake the inspection on behalf of the client, or we accept inspection from any 3rd party company acquired by the client.

Inspection report will be delivered via email.


We will offer all shipping documents one week before departure.

We offer full support on custom clearance and communication with freight forwarding company.

Send Inquiry

If you are interested in our products, please contact CIKI China factory immediately,
our excellent business team is preparing to give you an offer.
After sending the inquiry, please check the email with the suffix: “ ”.

We will provide you with the latest outdoor lighting catalog.

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